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  SA-10 series
Engine Control

  Product > Hyd.Steering


Rudder torque range 120kg-m to 3 T-m
Hydraulic Pump
CD series uses gear pump, AC motor driven or Engine driven
SBO series uses vane pump, driven off by main engine
Cylinder/ram layout
Single or twin ram, depending on rudder torque requirements
# of Rudder
Single or twin rudder installation
Steering Helm Pump
Orbitrol (TM of Eaton Corporation)
operates both in power assisted mode and non-power assisted hand steering

CD series
Rudder torque range
1 T-m to 3 T-m
Hydraulic steering gear designed for vessels of 19t up to 500t class; fishing boat, passenger ferry, cargo vessel and work boats. Positive and smooth rudder response with stable rudder turning speed.

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SBO series
Rudder torque range
120kg-m to 860kg-m
A series of hydraulic steering gear package for small coastal vessels.
Light wheel turns and swift rudder response. Major component parts and assemblies are made of stainless steel for long duty life.

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CD series
SBO series

Rudder Actuator

Pump Unit

Oil Tank

Solenoid Stack

Steering Wheel

Motor Starter